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What is a Google Penalty and how to avoid them?
What is a Google Penalty and how to avoid them?
Don't buy links. Links passing SEO value to your site should look natural.
Don't overuse keywords. Stuffing your content with exact repetitions of a key phrase can hurt your search engine rankings.
Make original, quality content.
To earn a penalty you would have to do very spam on your site. the way to avoid it is to take the issue of the keywords and the linkbuilding calm although many times this is counterproductive since many end up buried in the results of google by the competition when trying to avoid a penalty
A Google penalty is a negative impact on your website’s search result ranking based on updates made to search algorithms or even a manual review. The penalty can be due to the various reasons with the main being usage of Black-Hat SEO techniques.

You can avoid a Google Penalty by avoiding these Black-Hat SEO Techniques:
  • Cloaking and/or Sneaky Redirects
  • Hidden Text
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Pure Spam
  • Spammy Structured Markup
  • Thin Content With Little or No Actual Value
  • Unnatural Inbound and/or External Links
Google Penalty is the negative impact on the website when one not follows the Google guidelines. There are various options to avoid the Google Penalty:
1. Don't buy the links
2. Don't generate spammy links
3. Don't use the keyword stuffing

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