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why My Website links get dropped..?
Hello friends,

why My Website links get dropped..?
So, if your website drops in ranking, you could see a significant drop in traffic. Your competitors may be taking actions to improve their site, which causes them to rank higher and bump your listing down. Positioning is crucial, so even dropping down on placement can affect the amount of traffic on your site.
The most well-known reason for loss of traffic is that your business made changes to your site. This may appear to be confounding, as you would feel that the progressions should build traffic. All things considered, you patch up your site with the expectation that more individuals will discover it. This doesn't mean the progressions you made were terrible.
Often ranking drops are caused by large changes in a website. When there has been a major change, you'll often see fluctuations in your rankings. This is natural and is not something to worry about.
A drop in Google rankings isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

8 Reasons Why Your Google Rankings Dropped

1. Google penalty
2. Lost links
3. New links
4. Negative user experience
5. Getting outranked by a competitor
6. Redirect issues and crawl errors
7. Technical SEO problems
8. Search trends
(02-14-2020, 11:35 PM)indiaastro Wrote: Hello friends,

why My Website links get dropped..?

This is one of the most common culprits of a sudden drop in rankings. As we all know, Google likes to make changes to its algorithm, and as a result, your rankings might start to shift around.

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The most common cause for loss of traffic is that your business made changes to your site. This may seem confusing, as you would think that the changes should increase traffic. After all, you revamp your site in hopes that more people will find it. This doesn't mean the changes you made were bad.

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