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What is crawl rate in seo..?
 What is crawl rate in seo..?
Hi Friends,
The term crawl rate means how many requests per second Googlebot makes to your site when it is crawling it: for example, 5 requests per second. You cannot change how often Google crawls your site, but if you want Google to crawl new or updated content on your site, you can request a recrawl.
Crawl rate is the rate at which google indexes your web content. It includes the amount of time spent by google indexing your website, the amount of time to download the page, kilo bytes downloaded and number of pages downloaded.The crawl rate is provided in the google webmaster tools which you can find under Crawl -> Crawl Stats section. The crawl rate is important because it lets you know how often google visits your website and how much time it spends on your website.

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