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What is the Hummingbird update?

What is the Hummingbird update?
This algorithm was implemented on September 26, 2013. In this algorithm Google was throwing accurate multiple results along with "Knowledge Graph". Google was showing all the available information for the searched queries. As the name indicates "Hummingbird", google was accepting 1 query & throwing multiple available results for it.
Hummingbird is the codename given to a significant algorithm change in Google Search in 2013. The upgrade marked the most significant change to Google search in years, with more "human" search interactions and a much heavier focus on conversation and meaning.
Hi Friends,
Hummingbird is a search algorithm used by Google.

Google Hummingbird algorithm update is all about improving results for "conversational search", instead of just looking for key words it helps user search specific questions.This concept is called semantic search. The Hummingbird approach should be inspirational to anyone managing and planning content. A content strategy should be designed to answer their needs, not just provide them with facts.
Hummingbird is about synonyms but also about context. Google always had synonyms, but with Hummingbird it is also able to judge context - thereby judging the intent of a person carrying out a search, to determine what they are trying to find out.
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