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What do I do if my DNS server is unavailable?
What do I do if my DNS server is unavailable?
I'm assuming you mean the DNS server of your website when you update your name servers?

If so make sure your name servers are entered correctly and if you're using custom name servers it a bit more complicated but not too complicated.

Make sure you set all the records correctly and the IP address of your web server and make sure you have the domain name setup in the server you're pointing too.

If the problem is with your computer then try flushing your DNS by going to command prompt and typing in Ipconfig/flushdns which will flush the DNS cache.
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Always use 2 name servers in different subnets so if one is unavailable then other can serve.
(02-13-2019, 11:41 AM)Carnifex Wrote: What do I do if my DNS server is unavailable?

Here, you have to check the whole scenario.
  1. First you have to check the nameservers of you domain are pointing to your server or not. 
  2. Then, check whether that server IP is accessible at your network or not. You can use PING to check it. If it not accessible at your end then you must check whether it is not accessible for you or every one else. You can check it through any Ping Website.
    If it not accessible at any end then you should contact your server admin. If it is not accessible for you only then you should check for your Internet IP block on server Firewall. OR you can restart your modem or router so that your Internet IP get changed.
  3. Now, if all are fine till now then you should check for the DNS record visibility. Look for them are the UP or not.
  4. If the DNS records are not coming for your website then there may be two possibilities. Either DNS server is not working or DNS records for your desired domain are not present on the server.
    You can ask your server admin to check the same.
Arrangement 4 – Flush the DNS

Go to your Start Screen.

From that point press Windows key + R.

On the Run box that will be shown type cmd.exe and click on OK.

At that point, on the cmd window enter the accompanying directions (type enter after every one): "ipconfig/flushdns"; "ipconfig/discharge"; "ipconfig/recharge"; "exit".

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