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Gamers thread
Are there gamers? What games do you like to play?
I like shooters. Now I playing Far Cry 5, very cool! I very like the gameplay. If you also play, I can share some interesting articles with useful info about this game. For example this one https://en.ostrog.com/far-cry-5-2018-22263/ "How To Make Money Fast in Far Cry 5". Also there are secret ending, fishing tips, etc.
I liked Far Cry 5, great! Now I play FortniteWink
I like strategy games on the PC when I’m playing single player and sometimes multiplayer. Usually ones that I can relate to history (but do not follow a historic campaign). Specifically, Europa Universalis IV, Age of Empires 3, Stronghold Crusader, and Mount and Blade Warband are among my favourites to playlaughing
When I’m looking to play online with friends, I usually play games like CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), Brawlhalla, Warframe, Left 4 Dead 2, Rocket League, or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
Somtimes I have a feeling to play online poker or free slots real money. Why not
I don’t stick to a genre.
I like play Pikachu ^^
I like video games. It is interesting for me. I play games in my free time. but there is one problem. I'm not assiduous, and all the monotonous I quickly get bored. For this reason, I don’t like games with a long storyline, with a lot of levels. I never finish them. I prefer online games, for example, Bubble Shooter, or Snake vs Blocks. These games do not have a complex plot, they are suitable for simply distracting from something, or killing time. There are many sites with online games. I prefer https://www.skywardgames.com/ . It is good site with simple interface and interesting free online games.
I used to love games very much. Most of all I loved playing Starcraft and Dote 2. Now I don't have time to properly pump my character, especially since there have been many updates that have changed the essence of the game. I practically don't play now, but I still love Esports. I watch all the Starcraft Championships. I like one team from South Korea, they are really great. In addition, my friends and I recently learned that we can bet on e-sports. Here https://yesportsbet.com/about/ you can read more about it. I think it will make watching the championship even more interesting.
I adore playing LoL, because I am a big fan of Manga style. Their shop called http://www.unrankedsmurfs.com/ makes me an addict. So many coool avatars you can buy for cheap!

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