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How to manage a remote team?
Encourage transparency. As a manager and leader, you also need to lead by example. ...
Hold regular meetings. This is one of the challenges of working with a remote team as everyone's in a different time zone. ...
Organize your work. ...
Use a time tracking tool. ...
Aim to create a strong company culture. ...
As far as lately software development is getting more and more complicated, I think that these days managing a remote team is an insane task. I mean, there are too many methodologies, technologies and tools, here you can read more about some of them, so to manage work properly you need to always stay in touch with the whole team.
It's easy to treat remote workers as "out of sight, out of mind," but as their leader, you need to put in a little extra effort if you want these team members to stay engaged and productive
Now more and more often there are remote development teams, and they also do their job, like full-time employees, the most important thing is to set specific tasks for them. I collaborated with remote teams of software engineers and my order was fulfilled qualitatively and most importantly on time.

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