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Tips to build a successful website
How to build a successful website? If you are looking for the solutions on the internet, you will find many suggestions from the experts, Generally speaking, these solutions include more than just 3 parts: Optimize your site for search engines(SEO), Use a good design and layout, Keep your content updated. I must admit that these solutions are effective and reasonable, but they are not the key elements of a successful website. Why? Search engine optimization can help improve your website visibility in order to bring more traffic to your site, but if your website is useless to visitors, they will close the page in 3 seconds and never come back again. As for design and layout, whether we like it or not there is significant evidence that you can create a successful website with bad design, terrible code. You only need to look at the design of Craigslist or the code of Amazon to see that this is true. I have talked to many web designers about craigslist - obviously one of the most popular websites in the world. While they accept that craigslist is hugely successful- it would be hard for them not to - they claim that it is successful despite its terrible, outdated, text-heavy, ugly non-design. Keeping website content fresh is truly important, if your website is popular enouth, your visitors will generate contents for you. If not, it will be turned to a tough work for you.


About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Expert Tips for Video Productions one of my work.
I have a same your questions?
Thanks, Richard! Your opinion is great!
Thank you for sharing very useful information Smile
Thank you,
Web design and content are important.
Seo web site on top
Thank you but I'm in need :v
thank you. Information is very useful

Here is a blog i wrote about web design,
Web Design Or ReDesign for your company Some good tips

Redesigning a website keeping in mind the end goal to make it more powerful ought not be thought about softly. Every web design company can do a re design. For the proprietor of a business, whether it is little or substantial, a website can be an incredible asset. Be that as it may, similarly as the business was propelled with a reasonable arrangement and reason, the website ought to likewise have a reason and plan. Furthermore, the correct website design company will have the capacity to help complete that arrangement. However, to start with, you have to choose your arrangement. The most vital inquiry you can answer is deciding the motivation behind the website. This will help shape the highlights and capacity of the website. A web re design is possible to be done and can be beneficial.
Here are a few proposals you can survey with a specific end goal to settle on the motivation behind your website 
1. Creating A popular brand – You can build up your brand's image by beginning with a pamphlet that individuals can see whenever. This pamphlet can lay out your organization's history, the basic item or administrations offered by the organization and the organization's business rationality. Utilizing a handout that imitates the look and feel of the website design can make the pamphlet an expansion of the web nearness. 

2.Company Pitches– For an organization that wishes to pitch to a national, or even universal group of onlookers, offering items through an internet business site is a decent website design. The design should take into consideration an inventory that showcases the greater part of the items and makes it easy for a client to arrange. 
3. Notifying the Neighbors – Some sites don't offer the item specifically however teach website visitors to nearby workplaces. For example, a distributer that makes an item sold by other organizations to nearby markets. 
4.  Offer help and administration to clients through website – Websites are the best place to put every now and again asked questions, directs that offer investigate tips, and guidelines on the best way to restore an item if important. By making this site easy to discover and easy to explore through legitimate website design clients will be pleased with the organization's tender loving care and administration. 

5. Give them what they're looking for– Some associations don't have a particular item or administration that can be offered easily finished the web. For example, most charities ring a bell. In any case, with a website design concentrating on information and reports, the charity can represent to conceivable benefactors how cash is distributed, which initiatives are bolstered and examples of overcoming adversity from the past. This sort of data can attract new givers and urge past contributors to think about another commitment. 
6. Costly or Affordable – A great website design or website advancement can help spare any company significant cash. For example, offering items available to be purchased on the web and executing credit card preparing decreases the requirement for more representatives at a call focus. It likewise diminishes the requirement for an engaging retail store in a costly piece of town. Having all items listed online diminishes the need to print a physical list which can spare loads of cash in paper, print design and postage.
Every web design is known to create an image for a company online. A web design alllowes a business to communicate with their clients, make sales, and have an impressionable apperance on the web! 

For your form question here 

Personally I would further say 

1-Make it responsive

2-Be as creative as you can 

3-Design with love

4-Check your internal code and performance 
thanks alot, guys!!

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