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Can multilingual sites helps to reduce Bounce rate?
Bounce rate from other country for India based site, so my question is to add multilingual tag to sites helps to reduce bounce rate?

Also I want more business from outside India so what to do for it.
health or entertainment, I think so
It will help you to reduce the bounce rate as if the user comes from a different country with a different language if you have installed a language translator on your website then it will help the visitor to make a use of that plugin to read the information in his own native language which ultimately reduce the bounce rate as the visitors stays on your website for a longer period of time
What matters is how bounce rate indirectly affects the SEO factors Google does care about. ... Simply, if your webpage has a high bounce rate, but users on your page also have a high dwell time, your webpage likely has a good long click percentage even though your bounce rate would typically be considered damaging

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